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 Darlene Moore is a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience in advertising and media industry. Many regional and local companies trust Moore Creativity with their brand identity and advertising needs.


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"I first began working with Darlene soon after I began my company. She is my primary graphic designer for the clients I work with. She is also my "go-to" person for any and all other graphic work I need to have done, including my PowerPoint presentation decks, invitations, templates, online banner ads and so much more. Working with Darlene is easy. She's a professional and I know the work I need done will be finished in a timely fashion and completed to perfection. Darlene is truly a professional and is as nice as can be. She is a trusted team player and willing to go the extra mile to ensure everyone is satisfied. I highly recommend Darlene!"

Marilyn Ball, Twelve 12 Marketing


"It has been our pleasure to work with Darlene. She is prompt, responsible and always delivers. She is very creative and the work that she does is unique. She always asks questions and is open to our ideas and suggestions. She learned our brand very quickly and is always able to capture exactly what we ask for. Our favorite feature about her is her quick response and turn-around. Her work is beautiful and she really demonstrates her unique talent and creativity through all the graphics she creates for us! We are very happy to be working with her and believe we have found someone to keep working with for a long time! Her work is very is affordable for the high-quality work she does."

- Janice Rojas, Carolina Small Business Development Fund

"Darlene Moore consulted with our food-service company on marketing the company as well as design for menus, posters, table tents and related products. Darlene's eye for design is highly creative and on-point with the vision we could see but not realize by ourselves. She executes quickly and accurately and is a very effective at communication, from initial vision to the minute details of the final product. Her insistence on sitting down with me and listening closely as I shared the company's history, strengths, challenges and aspirations was especially important to me as the company's founder and GM. In an area full of qualified (and many not) professionals, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who offers the whole package as well as Darlene Moore.

- Casey McKissick, Foothills Meats

"I have worked with Darlene for a number of years after working with others in her field. She continues to amaze with her efficiency and creativity. Because of her extensive background in marketing of all types of business through her experience in radio, she is able to adapt to the individual goals of many types of industries. In particular her knowledge of the hospitality industry has made her an invaluable partner that we hope to work with for years to come. From Logo generation to website creation to Point of Sale items, Darlene has excelled for our business."

- Sherrye Coggiola, The Cantina at Historic Biltmore Village

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